Oct 9, 2011


Horseville has an affiliate program which allows you to earn money if you put a link on your website, you get $5 for sign up, $0.03 for every click and 15% of how much money they spend on Horseville if they choose to buy an ad. 

I though this was interesting and decided to add it to my blog because I know a bunch of you guys that read this have blogs and websites of your own and making money can be a good thing, even when it is just a little bit.

I just signed up to be an affiliate member, we'll see how this goes.

Thinking about becoming an affiliate too?  Go HERE for more information.  (If I refer you, I will get a 10% commission off of your commissions too, kind of a nice deal).


  1. Hey girl! I just found your blog, and I followed you!
    Please check out my blog, It's a Love Story, and follow back :)

  2. Hi Amber, I am going to check out the Horseville affiliate program. I had no idea it existed but I am trying to branch out of my own little tiny niche of the horse world and this seems like a great way to start. Hope you make lots of money off of me ;-)

  3. So Amber, I went and signed up for this on Oct 22, but they never approved me (or unapproved me for that matter) when I login, it says I haven't been approved yet. How long did it take?

  4. It seems like it was really quick. I got an e-mail that says I was approved including my information and URL link to start out. And when I log into my account I have access to more image links which have my code in them now.

    I am surprised it has taken this long...hmm...but I guess I don't know exactly how their approval service works, maybe they have more sites to go through right now? So when you log in, you don't have access to anything, it just says you're not approved?

  5. check out www.horse-pet-products.com


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