Jul 6, 2011

Sewing For Your Horse

I have always looked for ways to make horses more affordable, not to mention showing them!  So I decided a few years ago I was going to find some ways to make things for them, here are a few things I have done, or thought of doing.

Things You Can Sew
Neck Slinky
Full Body Slinky
Tail Bags
Fly Masks
Show Outfits
English Saddle Pads

I have sewn a neck slinky, you can buy patterns from suitability, but what I did is borrowed a friends and traced it.  Then I used proportions (yup a bunch of math) to downsize it to make a pattern for a miniature horse slinky too.  I also made a sheet for our miniature horse (Nugit), I have a pattern for horse size sheets but not miniature horse sized sheets so I took a foal blanket we had, traced than and figured out what I would need to do, to modify the foal sheet to fit Nugit i.e. add 6" in length, and used that as my pattern.

my homemade slinky
I have never made a cooler, but it is really simple and I know at one time I typed up a "how to" make a cooler step by step instructions.  Basically you figure out which dimensions you need, cut that out and put an edge binding, and tie stings on it.

Tail bags, well I have a few posts on sewing tail bags already on my blog and in some of the horse related forums on the internet.

Fly masks, this is something new that I ran across.  I made a pattern from a fly mask I had bought and then decided that for the amount of work it would take, I would be better off just buying one off the shelf, plus theirs would tend to be heavier duty, because I do not have access to the same materials as the companies do.  I did see some instructions on how to make fly masks on the internet though.  If I ever change my mind and make one, I'll let you guys know.

this is a show shirt we made
Show outfits.  I have been sewing my show shirts since I was 14 years old, well back then my mom sewed them for me.  It is a little time consuming, but saves a lot of money!  And you can make really cute custom made designs.  I bought my patterns from suitability and made/modified one.

English Saddle pads: I made a pink cameo square saddle pad and it turned out really really cute.
I also came really close to making one with the number viewers on the sides, I have a pattern made up and everything!  I made the pattern using a saddle pad, my number sheet and some paper.  I figured out how big it would need to be ect.  I think it would have worked out great but I needed one now (before I had bought my materials), so I bought the pad.  Maybe I will still make one.

my cute homemade English saddle pad
I know there are some things you can do too.  Just look in a suitability catalog to get some ideas.  They sell patterns that are good quality and have great instructions, they are a little spendy though at around $8-$16.

If there is enough interest, I could maybe write a post on sewing the neck slinky and see if there is a way I can share my pattern through cyberspace.

What have you made or dream of making?


  1. Here is a website with a few things you can make for your horse, including someone talking about using a waterproof sleeping bag material for making horse blankets.

    Thank you to Musings Of A Cowgirl for pointing this out to me!

  2. I was considering making an english pad myself, but I haven't gotten to it. I'm not super crafty, so I'd love to see what you come up with.

  3. Alright when (if), I get around to it, I'll take pics and post them!!!

  4. I'm thinking about making a western pad any ideas?

    1. It depends on what style of western saddle pad you are wanting to make. I tend to view western saddle pads and more "heavy duty" than the English saddle pad. I am not sure if a regular sewing machine could stick through...but that depends on how you make it as well. I am not sure if something homemade could provide as much cushion and support as a commercially made saddle pad.

      Here is a link from a 4-H group on how to make a western saddle pad (I believe there are two styles). Note: the file is a PDF

  5. how do you make the english saddle pad please write a post about it

  6. Has anyone ever made saddle bags, as in a cantle bag or dual saddle bags to tie to the back of a western saddle? I'd like to make a set ... a water bottle bag, a cantle bag and rear saddle bags. Can't seem to find a pattern so will probably just make one similar to my purchased canvas bags. Thanks!

    1. I used to think Suitability patterns had a pattern for that, but I just checked their website and didn't see it. If you want to double check here is their website url http://www.suitability.com.

      Yeah, if it is somewhat simple, making the pattern to match really is not that bad, I did quite a bit of that when I was younger and had lots of time on my hands.

  7. Can you post the pattern for the horse slinky? :)

  8. I would love to see your pattern for a horse slinky!


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