Jan 23, 2012

Thanks & Wedding Update

My "Painted Performer" and I at the MN State Horse Show 2011
I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time.  I just want to say thank you to all my loyal followers.  I am really astonished of the impact this website has made and the small footprint I have made on the internet!

I remember starting this blog and being quite excited about it because it gave me a larger voice to reach people across the world (yes literally across the world).  That surprised me, I expected my audience to all be from the United States, but it is not, and that is great.

Continue reading to get the wedding update...

Honestly the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to help people.  I wanted to help people by sharing my life experiences.  I did not grow up with a lot of money like many kids did and it was hard at times, but it really taught me a lot.  Instead of having everyone do things for me I did things for myself and I learned to train show horses myself since I could not afford to have someone train them for me.  By the way I have won multiple first place state awards in training classes now.  The other aspect I wanted to share, but have not done as much of is sewing or making things for you and your horses.  I have made a number of things and even patterns for some of them, whether it be clothes, horse slinkies, a pedestal or cavalletti.  I however have ended up focusing on the horse training aspect, for good or bad.

The following on this blog has been amazing, or at least amazing by my standards.  It is pretty average for my blog to get 400-600 page views a week according to my stats provider.  However but in the last week of October 2011 All Around Horses blog got 4,542 "hits", and 1,662 of those were new visitors.  That was very exciting to see!

My twitter and facebook pages are growing too.  All Around Horses blog on facebook has 110 likes!  Also, All Around Horses on twitter has 507 followers and growing as well.  The purpose of facebook and twitter is to allow an alternative way for people to follow All Around Horses.  If you are not already connected that way, feel free to click on the links and check them out!

Now a little update on me :)
Now on to my personal life.  Something I do not share too much on here, but I will give you guys a sneak peek :).  I am graduating from college with a B.A. in Economics with a Business Emphasis with a GPA of 3.98 on a 4.0 scale this spring.  I do not yet have a job, but am hoping to stay close to home and keep my horses too.  Then just a little over a month after graduation I am getting married!

I have nearly everything ready to go for my wedding.  We are just in the process of interviewing some more photographers and DJs.  I am pretty excited about my wedding plans.  I am on a pretty tight budget so doing everything myself that I can, including designing my wedding invitations and RSVP cards which was a lot of fun!  I love the design I went with.
Our mode of transportation from the wedding ceremony :)!  

The Quick Facts of the Wedding:
*My colors are red and white/silver
*My flowers are roses (red bouquet for me and white for my bridesmaids)
*My mode of transportation from the ceremony is horse and buggy :)  (We are using Kai, learn more about her and my other horses under the My Horses page)

Help Me Win!!!
Also, as you saw in my last post, please help me with the photography package by Samantha Meyer Photography.  You can do so by retweeting this status on twitter and hitting "like" on this picture on facebook.  Do both if you can :).  There are only a few days left of the contest (ends Jan 31st). Thanks for the support!

So due to the busy nature of my schedule of the next six months, I will not be posting much. However, I will do my best and if everyone wants to see, I can probably post some wedding pictures after the wedding.  Especially those that are horse related!

~ Amber


  1. Amber! It's so good to hear from you! Congratulations on your wedding and graduation! Life has sped up for me, I'm graduating this May as well and am almost through the application process for veterinary school. I've had two interviews, one more to go and will know by Feb 15th where I got into. I'll have to do an update post as well. It's so much fun reading and sharing with you again - I've missed our comments. :D Good luck with planning - I'd love to see photos, even non-horse related.

    1. Thanks Amy!

      Wow! I wish you the best in acceptance to veterinary school, that is really exciting and not very far away.

      Yes, you will have to do an update post :). It is very fun catching up and commenting. Life really has sped up for me the last half a year or so too. I just cannot believe everything that is happening. Thinking back 5 or 6 years, I had no idea this all would go by so quickly.

      Alright, I will be sure to post a bunch of them. I am still trying to find the perfect wedding photographer, but think I have it narrowed down to 3 in my price range (they can get quite pricey).


  2. Hope wedding planning is going well!

    And I would love to see photos of you in your dress with your horses... I had the best intention to do that, but unfortunately it never happened!

    1. Thank you! It has been going quite well, hopefully these last 4 months go just as smoothly. Yes, I really hope the weather and all cooperates so we can use Kai in our wedding, it would be so special to both of us as we have trained this horse to drive together and she is a horse I raised and trained from a baby.


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