Apr 12, 2012

It is Shedding Season!

I discovered this after yesterday :).  Well I had been aware, but the extreme extent of shedding season was made known to me after yesterday, that is a better way of putting it.  The coat I wore out to the pasture to groom my horses required extensive horse hair cleaning afterwards...it took a shop vac and multiple sheets of lint roller.  Oh how I love my horses!

Life has been pretty busy lately, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel!  I am about 3.5 weeks away from graduation!!!  It is such a good feeling to see these 4 years of hard work turn into a degree.  It is taking just a bit of motivation to make it to the end, but I know I will make it.  I have a few final projects to finish up along with presenting my research at our local and state conferences.  I was honored with the invitation to present at the state academic conference.

I do have good news for all you blog readers too, I think my Technical Report Writing class just might make me a better blog writer :).  Maybe...but I honestly have learned quite a bit, it is a tough class though! 

So graduation is coming up, then wedding.  Oh, and I have my eye on a pretty fancy DSLR camera (60D), its a little spendy, but if I keep our wedding on budget, we just might be able to afford it.  Well, time to do some studying for Industrial Org class.  Hope everyone has a great day and its almost the weekend!!!  I might get to do a test run at my wedding hair this weekend too, I am looking forward to ti :).


  1. wow your horse looks health and nice...thanks ..im a horse lover too

  2. The season is coming again this year


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